Creating the Regulations

Passing the Time to Care Act set the stage for the paid family and medical leave system in Maryland, but regulations are needed to set the details. Regulations are the rules for the system. We strive to make sure our policies, rules, and guidelines ​meet the needs of workers and employers in Maryland.​​​


What are the next steps for creating the regulations?

Draft regulations are now a​vailable​. ​​​These are for discussion purposes only and are not officially adopted or proposed regulations​.​ You are encouraged to send comments about the draft regulations to FAMLI.policy@maryland.gov. ​​​

The Maryland General Assem​bly​ is currently considering legislation that is expected to make changes to the Time to Care Act​​​​. The proposed legislation would also shift FAMLI's ​​​implementation timeline. You can read the legislation here:

You can stay up to date on the latest information about the legislation.

Track the House bill here

Track the Senate bill here

How did the FAMLI Division develop the draft regulations​?

From June-September 2023, the Division hosted an informal regulatory engagement process. This process included:

  • Seven virtual meetings to hear directly from members of the public through prepared comments, as well as live questions and answers
  • Discussion documents that shared the Division’s most pressing questions on a number of important topics, including: private plans, self-employed individuals, contributions, dispute resolution, and claims.
  • Draft outlines to share the Division’s latest thinking based on public feedback.

Where can I find the discussion documents?

Here are the discussion documents focused on:​

Where can I find the draft outlines?​

Here are the draft outlines focused on:​​

How can I stay up to date?​

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